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Meet Team Vital!

Hi! We like your faces, now meet ours. We figured it was about time for you to meet our hard-working, wonderful team of awesomeness.

You may be familiar with our About Us page, but now you can match all the pretty faces to the names behind your favorite bike-loving business.

Brett + Crystal: Peanut butter to her jelly. Peas to his carrots. This dynamic duo thrives on creativity and consistently drives to inspire and be inspired. Who knew taking a screen printing course together would end up being their passion-filled career? We sure are glad they did.

Brett: The executive high-fiver, the encouragement enforcer, builder of things, the burly backbone to Vital. Brett takes care of business. Period.

Crystal: The mastermind of creativity and drawer of Vital designs. Crystal keeps her imagination light bulb on 24/7, and the energy is the best kind of contagious. Crystal heads up bookkeeping, things to do with moolah, modely things and decision making.

Sarah: VP of Awesome, and unlimited pun generator. Sarah is the soothing voice you hear when you call for anything under the Vital sun, heading up Customer Service and Sales. Answerer of questions, cat lover and teller of tall seafaring tales. After seven years as a sailor she landed in Colorado, and we are happy to say Sarah is the rope that holds us together when we are on stormy seas.

Tina: It's a good thing she looks good in hats because she wears a ton of them. She also embroiders them for you! Our powerhouse softgoods printer, purchasing coordinator and quality control eye for detail. She keeps our inventory organized and stocked. This gal is the pioneer of our ever-important Yanni Tuesdays, which is totally a thing.

Jeff: Vital's printing ninja. Jeff works tirelessly to get your glassware and apparel printed to perfection, all while wearing clear-rimmed glasses and a particularly adorable beret. You'll most likely find Jeff in the warehouse, mixing ink, burning screens, curing glassware, finessing forklift operations, and singing along to classic 80s tunes.

Traci: The little person behind our big personality. Traci is Vital's eye to the social, outside world. Hers is the Southern voice you hear on the phone and the media posts you see. Writing is her game, and the blogs or quirky product descriptions you read come from her caffeinated brain.

Sam: Oh ship! The man behind all things shipping. Sam is the one that sees that you get as much bubble wrap necessary. He'll ensure your orders arrive to you safe and sound and as fast as humanly possible. Got a sweet Vital hat? He probably embroidered it. Sam also delivers us news of utmost importance and interest every morning after his 3am local TV news gig.

If you love our unique designs, fast turnarounds or our brand in general, you've got all these awesome individuals to thank. Wanna know more about our everyday fun, what we think about stuff or new products? Get social with us on Instagram or Facebook.

Great to meet you!


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