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Stockist Feature: Intercourse Bikeworks

Ever wish there was a store that sold stuff for bikes AND stuff with bikes on it? Rebecca Branle, co-owner of Intercourse Bikeworks, decided to give folks in Intercourse, PA exactly that.

Rebecca proving our point.

This week's featured stockist offers the entire biking experience. (No, really. All of it.) They sell and rent quality bikes, fix and sell equipment for said bikes, retail Vital clothes and bicycle glassware, showcase art made out of bike parts, and bonus(!), they offer bike tours through gorgeous Pennsylvania land which ends with an Amish dinner. Bicycle mind blown.

"Our name always stumps folks from out of town. We're actually located in the town of Intercourse, which is why we're Intercourse Bikeworks. Believe it or not, this town has the highest population of Amish in Lancaster County and easily has some of the most beautiful roads to ride on in the country ... including our best-selling Amish Dinner tour [which] takes you on an eight mile spin through covered bridges, past Amish farms and schools and ends with dinner at the home of our Amish friends. Farm to table dining at its best!" Rebecca explained. Her vision for the shop was created alongside her husband, Mark, who couldn't be more of an intense biker.

Mark, the burly bike boss. 

As a family owned and operated business with a particularly impressive line of goods and services, they get everyone involved in loving bicycle apparel (including some of the most adorable babies around). 


Rebecca concludes her cyclist sentiments with "We LOVE Vital!" And we couldn't be happier to supply Intercourse Bikeworks with thoughtfully crafted products.

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