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Sometimes I pull things from random places. Okay, not sometimes, but most times. Here is one I came across the other day:

"it's the place where we feel free to be ourselves, make our own judgements, and create a world formed entirely by our own views."

Maybe its the timeliness of this, but it struck me. What struck me the most? That, to me at least, home is not one place (it can be created anywhere), but more so there are places it is not. Those places you cannot bend to your ideals, you cannot find confirmation in what you beleive, nor is there the knowledge that someone has the same values as you. Home is the understanding that if you say something it will mean a certain thing and when you look at an object you are open to appreciate the same features. Home is created with people with the same senitments as you. And once you find those people (or are lucky enough to be related to them), home can be anywhere you are. Our home is then on our backs and that makes me happy!

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