Vital News

welcome to Buenos Aires.

we made it safely, but besides the ride from the airport this is about all we've seen so far. Brett hasn't been feeling well and has been sleeping the day away. he is up and ready to find some food, so hopely he'll be feeling better soon. i did have time to start my next hobby... knitting! (as if I need another)

**UPDATE** I'm totally not sick. So I hit my head today (I didn't remember until I woke up 6 hours later) and think that I had a mild concussion. I'm back to normal now, though.


Nov 08, 2007

I hear the BEST treatment for concussion is sleep. right. So no brunch for you two on Sunday 11-11 then?

Nov 09, 2007

yeah, brett already has us brunch reservations at this fabulous restaurant, Olsen. oh, and we are a bit far away to make it!


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