Vital News

time slippage.

somehow the month of June just slipped through my fingers. I know that we were very busy, but i couldn't tell you with what exactly. I'm sure it had to do with creating, gardening, or the shop because we haven't done much else so far this summer. so much for all that camping we had wanted to do.

although, we did acquire an embroidery machine last month. that required rearranging the whole studio (i.e. our house). and there is learning how to operate this new machine and its design software. oh, yeah. there was that. we haven't gotten very far in creating much with it yet. Brett has done a couple test hats and I did this tank. I'm actually excited about this project. I woke up on Friday and wanted to created a flower on this red tank. not anything I'd been contemplating. we had the screen, so we had a make shift printing session with a piece of wood for a platen and my hands for the press (all to avoid interrupting the creativity to pack everything up and go to the screen print studio) after quickly drawing up the embroidery design and some trial and error with the machine. Viole!

we don't have this shirt listed in the Etsy shop yet, but we will have it at Fancy Tiger on Friday. Hopefully, we'll get it listed in the shop over the weekend.

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