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handmade militia craft fair.

are you in the front range and looking for some handmade goodness for the holidays? check out the Handmade Militia craft fair in Fort Collins at Gallery Underground December 13th, 11am - 7pm. we will be there.

handmade militia

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crystal - January 19, 2009

we are so happy you love the quilt. that one is a brett creation and the first one we sold. it was all very exciting for us!

mandy - December 26, 2008

Hi! I saw you guys at the handmade militia fair up in the fort. I bought a couple of super cool shirts from you. I was there providing moral support for my BFF from chinnnychinchin. Anyway, while I was at your booth, I saw this adorable baby quilt.I immediately showed it to my BFF. who then showed to my hubby via etsy. Much to my surprise he bought as a gift for me for our expected bambino. I’m writing all this to tell you how much I love, love, love the quilt! It’s so cute without being too cutesy. It’s perfect! Thank you for the great work!

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