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Cage fight!

Curry doughnut vs bacon maple bar!

The unassuming curry doughnut faces off the flashy bacon studded BMB. On first glance one is a panko deep fried dough ball and the other is all oo's and ahh's with its frosting and bacon. All signs point to the clear winner. We are immediately drawn to the bacon goodness. And after the first bite we are sure the match is over. Sweet maple frosting over a tasty raised doughnut. Paired perfectly with the smoky, salty bacon. Our only comment: we'd like to see the bacon goodness applied sprinkle style to achieve better bacon flavor in every bite.
The fight clearly over we turn to the sad little curry doughnut. He seems somewhat defeated on his grease stained napkin. But after the first warm bite our opinion is shifting. Instead of sweet, here we find the filing a savory treat wrapped in a crisp exterior. Its simplicity is brillant. Image a breakfest burrito, but instead of a bland tortilla there is a fluffy pillow of unsweetened raised dough. Add to that the flavorful filling and we have a winner!
The underdog has become our pick for most longed for breakfest food.

Bacon Maple Bar from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, OR.
Curry Doughnut from Yamazaki Bakery in Little Toyko in Los Angles.

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