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Little screen, big paper.

At last!

A little while back, I decided to print wallpaper for our new handmade store in Denver, "Tomte. Modern Craft."

After telling everyone I possibly could that I was going to print wallpaper for the store,  I realized that I was not at all sure how to attack it.

Paper research and a fairly simple registration system later, I set to work with my lovely assistant, Crystal.   (who designed the images and the pattern repeat)

I printed 8 foot sheets, 8 prints to a sheet.  The print area was 24" wide and 18" tall.     (you can see why 8 18" prints was only 8 feet in the middle picture)

We used a waterbased ink, and it was a pretty fast paced run to keep the screen from drying and making sure we didn't ruin any of the paper.

It's finally all up on the wall, and I'm super happy with how it turned out.    I learned a lot as I went, and the next project will be even better.



P.S.  I'll update with a picture of the store once it's all put back together.

Jan 26, 2010

This wallpaper is all kinds of amazing. You should seriously consider selling it… in other designs too. Or you could just print it on regular paper and sell it in sheets or something. I don’t know… I just want it. haha


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