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Change the world with your money.

I read this post on Scoutie Girl today:
This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. One reason for this is because we are makers ourselves and the importance other people put on the power of money directly affects our livelihood. We put a great deal of effort into educating our customers at Vital and Tomte about the stories behind the goods they purchase. We feel the more people are aware there is a story, the more value they will put on purchasing handmade. And then we go beyond selling just products and move on to selling experiences. This makes all of us richer. On the other side of this, we try to know where the goods we purchase come from. This includes local and handmade and extends from gifts and art to the food we eat. We are not able to do this with everything, due to both time and resources, but we do what we can.

We also helped start the Denver Handmade Alliance for a similar reason. Through the DHA we are hoping give resources and knowledge to Colorado makers, as well as letting the local population know about the great things that available in their backyard.

Let us know what you do to change the world with your money!

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