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image of the inside of MADE, a boutique in Jackson, Wyoming

Stockist Feature: MADE located in Jackson Hole, WY

MADE holds a special place in our hearts. The name rings true to their mission - to stock handmade items by American makers. They started on this journey with us 10 years ago and have been proudly stocking Vital products since. John's vision for the store was to sell his own work (glass belt buckles) and to bring together a community of artists - which he has excelled in. The store has evolved into a must see shop for locals and tourists visiting the Jackson Hole area.

Close up of bicycle glassware and can opener on store shelf

Being a small business owner we know the heart and soul that goes into paving your own way and keeping your business running. I asked John what advice he would give to someone opening their own business, he replied "Don’t do it unless you love what you are starting, and are ready to work for it!  Our shop has grown with the support of so many people, lots of hard work, and all consuming thoughts". You need to always be able to identify your "why" and your passion, because it will help steer you during the highs and lows of running a business.

I have been eager to visit Jackson Hole, WY for the last year and was enthralled to be speaking with a local to the area. I just had to ask - "What is your favorite thing about the Jackson Hole area?". His response surprised me:

"Jackson Hole is a small town with a big community.  The year round full time population isn’t very large.  You can feel the small town, tight knit community throughout the year, but at certain times the population swells and we also see 30,000 visitors each Winter and 3,000,000 in the Summer!
Having the feelings that come with a strong local community is my favorite part and also vital to our business.  If the locals like what we are doing then getting visitors to explore what we are doing is easy."
inside of MADE boutique with customers Gaslight Alley Jackson Hole Wyoming

MADE is stocked full of high quality maker made products selected by John and his team. They abide by the rules of "if we don’t love it then we don’t think we should ask our customers to buy it", which is why customers love them! With Jackson Hole being a popular destination during the warmer months, famous people have frequently visited and consisted of presidents, movie stars, grammy winners, and more. John doesn't "sell and tell" so we will let your imagination run wild.

If you're in the Jackson Hole, WY area make sure to visit MADE or one of its brother/sister shops - Mursell's or Mountain Dandy.



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