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Mountain biking in Wisconsin downhill on a trek bicycle

Top 4 Mountain Biking Trails in Northern Wisconsin

From June 2nd - 9th we are celebrating Wisconsin Bike Week 2019! It's pretty obvious, we're big fans of bicycles! After making the move from Denver, CO to Northern Wisconsin we had an entirely new terrain to explore (but little ones to tote along). So this week we're sharing family friendly and just straight up awesome bike trails in Wisconsin.

1. WinMan Trails

Located in Manitowish Waters, this well kept trail system offers 11 miles of machine built flow trails designed to accommodate all skill levels. To allow Novice riders to gain confidence and try new skills when they feel ready while also being able to ride along with the more advanced, they keep the more technical features off to the side to be used by advanced bikers.

2. Northwoods Zipline Adventure Mountain Bike Trail

This is honestly our favorite trail to take the family out on. It is very family friendly, yet fun so you still feel like you're getting a good ride in. The trail is 2.5 miles long and you get to enjoy the view of zipliners.

3. Sylvan Hill Bike Trails

This 3 mile loop trail system with four downhill options boasts advanced riding and jumping skills. It's perfect for the more aggressive and adventurous riders out there and offers a filter feature at the beginning of numerous trails to help you determine if your skill level is matched.

4. Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association

Not only is the Chequamegon area beautiful to explore, but the bike trails are know as the Singletrack Mecca of The Midwest. Sounds pretty intriguing right? They also have a variety of events throughout the year that encourage riders of all skill levels to hit to the trails and have some fun. Enjoy a different part of the backcountry every time by exploring 135 miles!

If you have tried any of these trails before or go to try them this summer, let us know how you liked them and share any pictures! We love seeing the biking community come to life! #keepitvital

Picture Credit: WinMan Trails

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