About Us


But it is nothing if not Vital.

Vital Industries is just one incarnation of our creative entrepreneurial spirits. The core of Vital is Crystal and Brett. Above everything else we are makers. Vital Industries was founded in 2006 as a distillation of our joint creative energies. It has since grown to a full time endeavor for us both. Our amazing customers have made this possible. Vital is partnership and we couldn’t imagine not working together. Having a creative partner is awesome; someone to bounce ideas off of and help out when work is overwhelming.

We are process driven, and thrive on learning new techniques and art forms. Screen-printing, fashion design, crocheting, quilting, candle making, embroidery, painting, dyeing, and photography have all shown up in our work. The learning process involved with new techniques is a huge draw. There are just so many get things out there and we want to learn how to make them all, or we just have short attention spans. Perhaps it is both. Craft is our community, and making is our life.
We could not do all that we do without our Studio Staff:
Tina : Directress of customer service, Head of sales, Custom coordinator
Mishel : Warehouse Goddess, Shipper of Vitalness, Screen printer novice
Ben : Builder of Awesomeness, Screen printer apprentice, Warehouse smiling face