Gold Antler Soy Candle

Gold Antler Soy Candle

Classic Antlers Printed in 20K Gold... and a candle! Bonus!
Luxe. Sparkly. Gold. A step up from the everyday.

Color: 20k Gold, Mirror finish

11 oz (rocks) glasses
Glasses made and printed in the USA.

Cozy Cabin - Cedar, with a hint of crackling firewood. Crisp and modern.

Hand poured candle made entirely in house.
US grown soy washes out with soap and water, leaving behind a antler rocks glass perfect for an evening cocktail!
The candle is the perfect size at 3.25" tall and 3" wide. 11 fl oz US made (rocks) glass, candle portion weighs 8 oz.

Due to the mirror finish on the printing, these glasses are recommended to be hand-wash only.

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